What is was created to help individuals suffering from visual-perceptual disorder variously called Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity, or simply Visual Stress. allows you to search for any website using or navigate to a website by entering a URL e.g or even upload a document and then apply a coloured overlay of your choice. The use of a colour overlay whilst browsing the web or viewing a document may reduce or eliminate the effects of visual stress for some individuals. In addition the right tint can improve a number of aspects of reading, including reading speed, attention span, comprehension and fluency.

How do I change the overlay colour?

After entering a search term, a URL or uploading a document simply click your desired colour or choose from a vast selection of colours in colour palette popup window. Once selected the colour overlay will be applied to webpage or document that you are viewing.

What is opacity?

In simple terms opacity is the degree to which the screen light is not allowed to travel through the overlay. Slide the opacity toggle to change the opacity. A maximum value of 1 allows 100% of the light to travel through the overlay and a minimum value of 0.5 allows 50% of the light to travel through the overlay.

Can I convert text to speech?

Yes! Just click and select the text in a webpage or document and it will automatically get converted to high quality speech, just makesure you turn your speakers on! Test the text to speech function by selecting the text on this webpage.

Can I translate a webpage or document to a different language?

Yes! Once your webpage or document has loaded simply select your desired language from the drop downmenu (shown below) in the top left hand corner of the webpage or document.

What document files can I upload?

You can upload PDF (.pdf), PostScript (.ps), Gzipped PostScript (ps.gz), Word (.doc) files.

Will my documents be deleted after use?

Yes. Privacy is important to us! Uploaded documents are not publicly listed. Documents are cleared from every three days after they were last viewed. The cache may be purged more often.

The website/webpage I want to view will not load correctly?

We have worked very hard to ensure that the majority of webpages and websites load correctly when browsing using however there will be times when the website or webpage that you wish to view may displayed incorrectly.

How do I contact the webmaster?

Please feel free to drop me an email below

This is great can I please make a donation to ensure this tool remains free?

This tool was created for free and is hosted for on a private webserver. Any donations are welcome and will contribute to maintenance costs. Every little helps - Thank you :)

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